Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Briefcase Disappointment and Some Good News.

I've decided to leave the briefcase alone and take it as it is. After all the majority of my newspaper reading is done via my Mac Book Pro. Still, I did like the idea of a pocket I could easily slip things into and out of easily.

Well, such is the world.

On a side note, I did receive a job offer which I decided to take. The job offers better pay and managerial experience. It will look great on my resume and if I still like it there is a chance to go further up the corporate ladder. I don't really consider it a move towards my choice career but a career with them isn't so bad.

While interviewing for the accepted position, I was also interviewing elsewhere. In total I was on 8 interviews in a manner of 5 days. It was exhaustive and fun at the same time. So, what happened? I was seriously hoping to hear back from 2 of the firms because they are well known in Atlanta financial circles. Either would have been an excellent career start. Unfortunately the positions I was seeking were filled and they mentioned that they would keep in contact with me. Yeah, whatever that means. The other 2 firms are in an area I am interested in but not passionate about. While not a career move, it would give me a competitive edge when applying for business school and again resume boosters. These last two firms will be contacting me mid May to tell me their decision. I am optimistic yet, these are troubling times for recent and soon-to-be-graduates.