Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bush Vest

Filson bush vest a very nice addition to the waistcoats in my closet. Given my recent cash deficit I may have to wait. They are on sale by the way; $70 and it's yours.

This is the sort of thing I could wear without a coat at a picnic or some other outing. It doubles as functional attire with all the pockets. Plus it just smells of African utilitarian stylish funk.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Big Fat Tumblr Blog

Hey! I'm on tumlbr at

I'll say this:
  • easier to reblog
  • easier to link
  • no photo hosting
  • I own my own material outright
This blog will be updated and kept relevant. I'll just post about different things on here, not necessarily different topics just different posts.

Monday, January 24, 2011

If I Wore Scarves, I'd Wear This One!

I'm not a big scarf wearer by any means; the thought of having something around my neck is just uncomfortable. I don't wear turtle necks and can't stand buttoning my jacket all the way up to the collar.

The snow storm that hit us in Atlanta a few weeks ago made me wish for a scarf. Since then, I've kept my eye out for what I would wear and been open to it. Usually it snows the week of my birthday, March 1st is my birthday. In a way I'm thinking ahead.

So, what is my perfect scarf. I must go dandy with it. I also like sweaters. I have plenty of knit ties, knit gloves( I don't wear), a plethora of sweaters, why not a knit scarf. Here comes the Jack Spade patch scarf.
  • multiple patterns in a patchwork assembly
  • knit
  • colorful
  • texture overload
Feast upon its visual splendor.

Photo Credit: Ebay seller shopdotstyle

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Noodlers Antietam

JetPens supplied me with some Noodler's ink after stumbling onto my blog about 1 month ago.

So, here is the review:
Antietam was host to one of the bloodiest battles during the American civil war. This ink, I think, is intended to be a blood red. I don't think it is. To me; it appears to be an orange with red tendencies. It looks like the color of blood after you wash it out of a white shirt. It doesn't quite come out but stays orange.

The ink shades a very nice and vibrant variation. It goes from the blood red color to to a brilliant orange. It is a very quick drying ink and in a my broad pens dries very quickly. Even with that drying quality it, creeps from nibs frequently.

Now, orange is my favorite color but I'll be honest; this isn't my favorite color. I don't mind it but it straddles a strange fence. I don't like bright reds and most reds are inks that would never see the inside of my piston fillers. Antietam isn't orange enough for me to like and isn't a dark enough red for me to be okay with. This equals a color I couldn't use. I'm a fan of quite a few oranges. The diamine pumpkin, a neon orange, is the most flagrant example of an orange I have. I use that color very much. The fact that this orange is far too red is a problem for me on white paper.

This color takes a very strange turn when on a cream paper. I wish I had a sample to show you; the one I prepped was destroyed by a spill. The orange mellows out a little and blends with the red to make a medium fall leaf color of an orange. The best way to describe this is it browns up some. So, yes on cream: no on white.

Still! I don't think you get it yet? It is like the kid sister of one of your friends. She blossoms while you are at college, uni for some. Then upon your return you find that something has changed. Then it dawns on you that she is now a beautiful flower. You shouldn't even be looking at her but you have to admit she is attractive to you. She has always had a crush on you and only now can you even consider her. Yet you don't. This is the dilemma I face.

On cream paper, I love this ink. I don't really use cream paper. I work too much and only use white non-fp paper that I force my thin-nibbed pens upon in a careless manner. Thus, I mostly write on papers that Antietam would not be pleasing to me causing me to cast this ink aside only for the pleasures of leisurely correspondence or personal writing. I, being a young man, cannot bear the financial burden of inks that cannot be used at work and at play. I get away with every single ink I own even the bright pumpkin orange from diamine. My employers don't mind and resign it to be one of my eccentricities. Finally I say, this ink will not be one I add to my collection for constant purchase.

If you would like to purchase antietam from Jet Pens, click here.

Thursday, July 8, 2010



I've been very busy these past couple of months. As you all know I was and still am on the job hunt. I can clearly say that it has been rough and exciting. Well in the process I failed to get a new job but managed to somehow get promoted. I'm not one to toot my own horn but, how do you get promoted as you are actively searching for a new employer? I don't know but it has made me one busy camper.

There have been some very interesting changes in my life as well. I'm getting closer to business school application time and I've strengthened my focus on getting back into finance. I know what I want to do career-wise and I'm going to go get it. After all it is all in my hands and out there for me to get. I just have to go get it. So, as I get comfortable in my position I can't say that I'll be posting very often.

Another change is I'm doing a feasibility study for a business my brother and I have been thinking about for 6 years now. All three of these things leave me with little time to blog. I'll tell you right now I will make an effort to blog, at the minimum, once a week. Until things change that is the game plan.

Sorry for the lack of posts, this should explain why.