Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy Socks Review Preview!

Yay they arrived 2 and a half weeks later after a cork up with my credit card company. Well so far so good. I'll give you a proper review after I wash them and see how they are. Also finals coming up soon. By the way, saddle shoes in barley and brown and linen pants in oatmeal on the bottom.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rainbows for Summer!

Seersucker comes in many different colors while the darker blue in the photo is what you are used to give the others a shot. Again, I dislike seersucker suits. I think the strong pattern just doesn't seem to get toned down when I wear it. It is too much for me.

Personally I recommend going for the light blue. It isn't too far from the traditional and it is different enough to differentiate your self from the rest of the South. Orange is a good one to wear as an odd jacket or odd pant. The purple would make an excellent suit for flamboyant types. Finally, the lime, yellow, and etc are too much for the regular sartorialists. I recommend using this sparingly. I would try a bowtie, pocket square, or waistcoat/vest.

I'm fond of the light blue, the trad blue, orange, and khaki. Why? They are all in my closet. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Photo Credit: I don't really know. If it is yours let me know if you want me to take the photos down.

The Update...

Ready or not here I come....

So, I finally received the Happy Socks package. I plan on wearing a pair on Monday and reviewing them shortly.

The briefcase saving fund is almost done. I've got one paycheck to go and 3 weeks of my bachelors left, before I purchase it. I'm really getting ahead of myself here. I'll review that too when I get it.

I also plan on trying to get a WAYWT post. I should have a really digital camera within a few days.

I've got some shoes coming that I want to review as well.

Keep your eyes open and keep asking me questions, I surely love answering them.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Father's Cardholder

In the past couple of months, I've been looking for a slim breast pocket wallet. I came across several that were well out of my price range, $50+. I can't even believe that they were on sale at these prices so, I decided to wait. My thinking was, as the economy got worse they would become more desperate to move product that prices would go down. Boy was I wrong. Many luxury and handcrafted goods are still moving product. I should know, I move quite a few expensive fountain pens every so often.

Well, after my father died I suddenly inherited all his things. My brother, doesn't seem to want much so I've begun looking through the things and cherry picking what I want and what can be sent home, to East Africa. The first thing I wanted was my father's cardholder. Why, well I presented it to him about 3 years ago for Christmas. He was starting a non-profit and had massive amounts of business cards weighing down his wallet. So, I purchased it and had it engraved with his Christian name and his proper last name. He loved and used it quite a bit. What he really loved was it carried an engraving of his true family name, that of our ancestors. In honor of my father, I now use it.

So, in honor of the ancestors, live well.

An Excellent Color!

I absolutely love the orange pad-holders that Rhodia makes. I had to have one and it really is outstanding. Surprisingly it gets less stares that the white linen pants I wear to University in downtown Atlanta.

The color is bright but more pastel than the pads themselves. The inside is black and contains accent orange stitching. It really is nice. Now only if it was real leather. Oh by the way this was a personal purchase. I stole from my piggy bank, it took about 10 minutes to roll up the pennies. Now I have 3 of these pad holders. 2 black ones and 1 orange one.

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Double Breasted Waistcoat in Action in a photo post.

Sator in his double breasted waistcoat with shawl lapels
Side view of Sator with his double breasted waistcoat
A grey double breasted vest that would be perfect with cashmere striped pants and a short jacket.
Odd double breaseted waistcoats, the one in the center is amazing.
Double breasted waistcoat worn well with a matching suit
This double breasted waistcoat is one I'm lusting over it is like a single breasted
Waistcoat in a less formal setting

Photo credit: Sator & a few others.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

What type of Suit Do I like to Wear in Summer?

Well, I like to wear linen suits in summer, that is if I do wear a suit. I prefer to wear tan or cream. Otherwise I'm usually wearing odd jackets of various types. Why because they allow me to wear many different colors and combinations of summer textures. For instance; linen, seersucker, tropical wool, cotton, and wool blends. I like to mix them with silk ties.

If I should have something important to do this is probably what I wear most a tan cotton suit with patch pockets and three buttons so I could wear a bow tie without much shirt showing.