Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Father's Cardholder

In the past couple of months, I've been looking for a slim breast pocket wallet. I came across several that were well out of my price range, $50+. I can't even believe that they were on sale at these prices so, I decided to wait. My thinking was, as the economy got worse they would become more desperate to move product that prices would go down. Boy was I wrong. Many luxury and handcrafted goods are still moving product. I should know, I move quite a few expensive fountain pens every so often.

Well, after my father died I suddenly inherited all his things. My brother, doesn't seem to want much so I've begun looking through the things and cherry picking what I want and what can be sent home, to East Africa. The first thing I wanted was my father's cardholder. Why, well I presented it to him about 3 years ago for Christmas. He was starting a non-profit and had massive amounts of business cards weighing down his wallet. So, I purchased it and had it engraved with his Christian name and his proper last name. He loved and used it quite a bit. What he really loved was it carried an engraving of his true family name, that of our ancestors. In honor of my father, I now use it.

So, in honor of the ancestors, live well.