Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Update...

Ready or not here I come....

So, I finally received the Happy Socks package. I plan on wearing a pair on Monday and reviewing them shortly.

The briefcase saving fund is almost done. I've got one paycheck to go and 3 weeks of my bachelors left, before I purchase it. I'm really getting ahead of myself here. I'll review that too when I get it.

I also plan on trying to get a WAYWT post. I should have a really digital camera within a few days.

I've got some shoes coming that I want to review as well.

Keep your eyes open and keep asking me questions, I surely love answering them.


Alan said...

I'm waiting for my first order from Happy Socks. They have a great selection. Thx for turning me onto them. Glad to hear the savings fund is almost complete for the briefcase and that you'll have a camera soon. Good news all around!

The Eccentric Orange Gentleman said...

Alan, thanks. I had a rough patch but things are getting better.

I'm glad to spread the message about Happy Socks, a friend told me about them and I'm more than delighted to pass the word along.

The camera I have is hit and miss so, the new one should make it easier to post images.

I'm totally suprised about the briefcase fund. I had no idea my piggy banks had that much coinage.

Thanks for checking in my good friend.