Sunday, August 30, 2009


Happy Socks now has OTC(Over The Calf) socks. For $15, I hope they are as awesome as they seem. I'll be trying some out soon.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Brain Pocket: An artisanal notebook

Brain Pocket is a leather covered notebook. The leather is of a premium quality and tough. I choose a very light, buttery cream colored one. I also chose a sheriff's star metal button to tie the notebook shut with. It is a very well made product. I planned on using it to track my paper portfolio for a stock market game I play online. I also was going to try out strategies with this too.

I chose to get the lined paper and blank paper. I really like that this notebook is made by hand and then the filler papers are inserted. Everything else is crafted by hand. The leather is worked and tanned by hand and the accessories are chosen by the customer.

The notebook is about 4 by 8 and is really long. This model is intended to be carry under one's arm or placed inside a jacket's pocket. I keep it on my desk.

Verdict: Mixed recommendation, for some it is great to have a notebook with two books. For others, the size is a problem and the price, $70, is just too much. For me, I don't think this is the kind of product you repurchase; you simply buy refills for the cover and replace it. There is one thing though; it draws stares and questions when friends come over.

Happy Socks The Review.

Buy some now!

The product is well made and awesome. I had one pair rip on me after I washed them and attempted to put them on. It must have been happenstance because the rest are perfect. The socks aren't the most soft or excellent pair but they do constitute a well made product. The value of such colorful delights at a low price is indeed tremendous. As with all great socks, they get softer the more you wash them. I would recommend them as presents to anyone you like. You should probably buy more than 4 because the shipping is expensive, at least in my opinion. Shipping is free for more than 4 pairs of socks to anywhere in the world. I have a rule about shipping. I like it to be under 10% of the total price of the items I purchase (hint shipping fascists). It took about 1.5 weeks to get to me once it was ordered.

I've ordered ten more pairs aside from the 4 I ordered on my trial run. I am now a devoted customer. Right now they have a clearance sale buy ten pairs and get half off. So, 5 bucks a pair. Now is the time to stock up for some stocking stuffers for the dandy or sartorialist in your life.