Monday, January 24, 2011

If I Wore Scarves, I'd Wear This One!

I'm not a big scarf wearer by any means; the thought of having something around my neck is just uncomfortable. I don't wear turtle necks and can't stand buttoning my jacket all the way up to the collar.

The snow storm that hit us in Atlanta a few weeks ago made me wish for a scarf. Since then, I've kept my eye out for what I would wear and been open to it. Usually it snows the week of my birthday, March 1st is my birthday. In a way I'm thinking ahead.

So, what is my perfect scarf. I must go dandy with it. I also like sweaters. I have plenty of knit ties, knit gloves( I don't wear), a plethora of sweaters, why not a knit scarf. Here comes the Jack Spade patch scarf.
  • multiple patterns in a patchwork assembly
  • knit
  • colorful
  • texture overload
Feast upon its visual splendor.

Photo Credit: Ebay seller shopdotstyle