Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More Favorites

Starting off, we have an $8 dollar tie from Burlington Coat Factory's sales rack. It was produced by Donald J. Trump's people. A heavy silk, woven, pastel pink colored beauty. The white and dark grey over stripe advise on what to pair it up with. A perfect marriage with a spring weight, grey flannel sadly, I have none. I do have a grey striped shirt I wear with this. The grey and pink really accent each other well. I would cation you to heed the warning: you might be mobbed by admirers if worn when alone!

This is a vintage tie I bought on eBay for about 7 bucks. It is navy blue with purple and brown flowers. It is a bold tie for serious bow tie wearers. Definitely not a starter bow tie, lest ye be remembered as a lecturer on the antiquities. No maker's tag on the back of it. It is 100 percent silk though.

Here is a pair of golf ball and tee cuff links gold plated in 24 carats. The finest, joking obviously, in sport cuff links I bought myself for Christmas in '07. Links like this, because of their sporting nature, are informal enough for any combination of jacket and pants. In fact, I'll go as far as saying I would not advise wearing them with suits; save the most casual of suits.

Lastly, I have a light blue and white, enameled, chain connected cuff link. I purchased it at a thrift store for 50 cents. I loved them so much I donated $24.50, bringing us to $25 the most I'll ever spend for a pair of links. Chain connected links are generally formal and require suits of any kind. I wear them with suits .

Note: if I am starting to sound like The Architect from An Affordable Wardrobe remember, I was poor first.


Mr Cufflink said...

What a beautiful, classic pair of guilloche cufflinks. The white and blue look like they really pop.

Of course, given your generous donation to the thrift shop, it is clear the class is not just in the cufflinks.

Art Anderson