Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rhodia No. 12 Bloc Review

I've been busy lately, not so much that I can't have a little fun. Here is another review.

Before we get started I need to explain my testing methods:
  1. *Feel; how the nib feels on the paper?
  2. *Feathering; if the ink feathers on the paper?
  3. Bleed-through; is the ink visible on the reverse side of the?
  4. Aesthetics; overall appearance, cover design and page details?
  5. Durability; is it hard to tear out pages, will it be easily destroyed?
There are other means I will use to rank them but they will be personal and may not mean anything to you. There are:
  1. Portability: Where am I likely to keep it in my pocket, laptop bag or portfolio?
  2. Uses: Which place is it most suited for school, business or play?(no Oxford Coma here)
  3. Hack ability: Can I alter it to suit my needs?

Rhodia No. 12 Bloc

Test 1: Smooth. Even the italic Reform 1745 was easy to write with.
Test 2: Feathering was non existent with any of the used combinations of nibs, pens, and inks.
Test 3: Just the Sharpie bled. One can discern that there is writing on the back but it won't bother most people. Only the really, really sensitive will mind.
Test 4: Just 1 transgression, a logo on the front of the pad in bold black lettering. None anywhere else. The gridded paper is straight forward and has no header or footer margins. Also no left or right margins. Overall it is great looking and not heavily branded.
Test 5: Pages need to be deliberately torn and for its purpose it is solidly constructed. Will take abuse from one's palm and from being sat on.
Portability: Very portable. Fits into a variety of things: palms, jeans pockets, breast pockets, shirt pockets, hip pockets, and awesome for hangman with one's nephews.
Uses: No place it isn't useful. I carry it with me everywhere. I have one for work and another for everywhere.
Hack ability: Yes. Here is one. Awesome for GTDers.

  • No comparison paper for the feel test.
  • Subjective methods used.
  • *This particular note pad was provided by Exaclair but I was already a fan of this product.
For GTDers and people that need an all purpose writing pad, this is the note pad for you. Its stand out features are portability and pocket proof construction. Personally I buy them a few at a time to ensure I have them on hand whenever needed. I carry one everywhere I go, never know when they come in handy.