Friday, October 30, 2009

Coming Attractions

Okay, as always I like to keep y'all informed, if I may adopt an Atlanta phrase. So, in the coming weeks I plan to delve deeper into personal style development. I will be taking a few personal days in the upcoming weeks and will plan to drop a few heavy posts. I want to do blitz about pens, ink, stationary, and doodling. I also plan on a stay-cation before work goes crazy with the Holiday season crowd. So, during the stay-cation I'll probably be finally releasing the unwanted post on pocket watch accessories I promised as well as my personal collection.

As I post I find I'm no longer finding myself thinking about posting. The ideas are just flowing in. I'm even taking inspiration from the blogosphere. The whole personal style dev posts where inspired by Guiseppe of I look forward to more posts and to continue blogging along with y'all.

P.S. Last Month Was Our 6 month Anniversary, if one can say that and sound intelligent.


Alan said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you post more as you have a unique style and a pleasing presence in the blog world.

The Eccentric Orange Gentleman said...

Thanks. I try to write as though I'm lecturing my younger brother. While he knows the basics of dandyism he has yet to learn the nuances. Surprisingly, he just subscribed to my RSS feed 2 posts ago.

The Eccentric Orange Gentleman said...

Everyone I plan on including more anecdotes and funny stories as long as they are at least tangentially related to the topic at hand.