Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Flecked Socks

As a lover of colorful socks and a member of the group of gentlemen that display their socks prominently, I've found that I'm always keeping an eye out for interesting socks. These I accidently ran into at American Apparel when I was looking for a present for my younger brother. He loves some of their printed shirts. They have some really nice socks. Most of them are made from cotton blends and wool blends. They make use of recycled materials and their are made by immigrants in L.A. Overall a very well run outfit in the sock department.

These particular ones are made from cotton and feature recycled wool as the flecks on the socks. I wanted the socks because they remind me of fleckled tweeds. I only have one tweed jacket and this is a nod to it. By the way, Atlanta rarely gets cold enough to warrant tweed plus we drive everywhere. I used to make use of it when I was still in University because walking to class was at least a 10 minute affair. Anywhere there you have it a rare sock find at an unusual source.


Gregorius Mercator said...

I used to follow the rule of matching sock color to pants strictly, but I've found it's a lot more fun to say to hell with it and use socks as a sort of mostly hidden accent to an outfit. Granted, argyle is about as bold as I've gotten so far, but I've always been a fan of subtler patterns.

The Eccentric Orange Gentleman said...

I take it from my father. He used to match the color but wear a pattern. So, in the khakis I'm wearing he would have worn a khaki argyle with brown diamonds or a khaki sock with striping.

His philosophy was no one will see them until he crosses his legs so, just wear what you like. He even wore Tazmanian Devil ones when he was in a good mood.