Monday, January 25, 2010

What I Wore Dec 16th.

I rarely post my looks online. I've been meaning to and here is one. I wore this to see the Nutcracker on a date with my current lady friend. The lapel pin gives off the Christmas vibe.

The suit is a hand me down from my God-Father's friend. It was tailored in the '60s, late '60s mind you. The db vest was imported from an English thrift shop via eBay. The shirt is also importated from Old Blighty via TM Lewin's traders and it is worn with a Donald Trump tie from Marshall's. My pocket square is J-Press picked up at a horrible men's store near Lenox Mall and Phipps Plaza that wont be named. Lastly, I'm wearing Allen Edmond's Park Avenue shoes bulled to perfection. The socks are some simply dotted wool patterned socks from J.Crew I bought a year or two ago.


Gregorius Mercator said...

That looks fantastic - I particularly love the double-breasted vest. The collar and the vest make it look very English. I think you pulled it off quite well. The pin is a nice touch.

The Eccentric Orange Gentleman said...

My date loved the pin too. I stop wearing flowers during winter and opt for pins and pocket watches.