Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Self Present 3: Sized Bow Ties

Bow ties are interesting beasts. They fly in and out of style with no apparent reason. They are in style right now and are being produced by the most uncharacteristic makers. The designs are now bordering ludicrous. I can't believe the things coming out now days. These whimsical designs that are reversible are interesting only when done right. Be wary of cheap materials, poor prints, un matchedstriping, and poor manufacture from these fly-by-night producers. No matter how much or little you pay you should get quality. Back to normal discussions, if you wear bow ties you are going to find that at some point you will want a sized bow tie.

I found some offered on Etsy by a Canadian mom. She prices them at $8 shipped. The only catch is that you have to know what size you wear. I wear a 35" sized bow tie. Now to get that size you need to tie your bow tie to the length you like. Experienced bow tie wearers will know that even that is not exactly right. You need to consider the width of the tie, the way it hangs off your collar, if it projects forward and how far, thickness of the material, how tight you tie your bow tie, and width of your face. In other words, just go and tie one of a similar cloth and measure the desired length.

I purchased these sized bow ties from Ruffle-N-Tuck on Etsy.
Tartan in a Silk Wool Blend

Tomato Red in a Wool Flannel

Edited: to include the purchase details.