Friday, April 2, 2010

Go with the Customizable One.

Every once in a while two manufacturers use the same source and end up with the same exact items. I usually go with the customizable one.

Here are the companies:
  • Paul Stuart
  • R. Hanauer
They both make a great product and use wonderful fabrics. It would be really grand to buy some of their products. I especially love Paul Stuarts accessories. I can't afford any but I do love the way they play with patterns and colors. They always seem to push it as far as they can but still remain conservative. Every year they release the same sort of patterned socks but lightly tweak the design. The herringbone patterned socks are the ones that really catch my eye. Last year it was a pair of socks that had interlocking herring bone. It looked like a zipper-like print. This year it was a really large herringbone each; kind of like the huge Polo logo, absurdly gigantic.

R. Hanauer only makes accessories, or as they call it The Finishing Touches™. They carry a wide range of things from their staple bow ties to patterned d-ring belts. I really like the fact that their bow tie program allow you to choose your own shape. They even allow you to further customize. Most options can be had for the regular price of their products. They make them in the U.S., doesn't matter to me I prefer quality, so you can call them to discuss any specs you need changed on the fly.

Check it out.
At $55 by R. Hanauer with custom configurations gratis sounds good. $70 from Paul Stuart shipped with no customization options available, I think I'll stick with R. Hanauer. Nothing against Paul Stuart, I like the company, this time go with the customizable one.