Thursday, April 2, 2009

2 Pocket Squares & Why I Like Them.

Club Pocket Square made by Sam Hober for one of my clubs. The fold is something I've been working on and trying out. One of the cleanest designs. Elegant enough for business yet bright enough for play. The sheen on this Thai silk with the variations is quite awesome. Sam Hober makes a great product, pays his workers great wages, supports an ethnic traditional trade, and is an all-around nice person. The price for this square, I don't remember. It was around the $65 mark, too much for me but considering where the money would be going I gladly spent it. It also didn't hurt that Uncle had given me a wad of cash, for some reason or the other.

Awesome!!! It is like a flower in your pocket or a cascading grapes depending on how you fold it. I got it from for about $32 shipped to Atlanta. It is a shibori pocket square mady by Bunzaburo Katayama. Right now they are on sale for about $10.00. It really draws attention! I wear it on campus every once in a while when I'm feeling happy on the inside. It exudes happiness and that is a feeling I don't mind sharing.

On that note, happy reading and I hope you've been enjoying my blog so far.


Gregorius Mercator said...

That's definitely a rather interesting pocket square. I don't know that I'd ever wear something like that, but more power to you!

The Eccentric Orange Gentleman said...

I agree; it is definitely not for those weak of constitution. It gets plenty of attention and many women ask me where they can get one for their stylish men.

Thanks Gregorius Mercator.