Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Accenting Your Skin Tone Part 1

Accenting one's skin tone is a big deal when wearing unorthodox and hard to wear colors. With a little practice and observation one can gain major insight into what works for them and what doesn't. This series will begin with the color brown and is brought to you by the cloth hop sack and regimental tie... All kidding aside,as with most things, examples, rules, and images; help to initiate the novice.

Wearing ties, shirts, and suits that work together is the easy part; complementing and accenting your skin tone is really difficult to pull off consistently. The Gentleman pictured above pulls it off marvelously. The orange punches up the color in the suit and really glow next to his face. If you look at everything separately then together it even gets more brilliant. Also, orange ties are questionable on the face of things but more so on dark skinned black men yet, somehow he brings it altogether in harmony.

My Advice on this matter isn't to hard to follow. For dark skinned black men, I should know from experience, stick to suits in a lighter shade of brown than your skin tone. In suits if you go near or darker than your skin tone you would be wise to use texture. Make sure the texture, flannel or tweed are nice, causes a significant visual contrast from your color. If you heed this advice the color brown can be one in your suit or odd jacket arsenal.

Men of lighter complexions can wear pretty much any shade of brown but the darker shades are better suited to their fairer complexions.

Rust and other orange-ish shades of brown seem to look dashing on all when worn with attire that accents the particular shade of skin. I wear my rust colored hopsack odd coat with a cream shirt and red striped tie. The look seems to get the right combination of amazement and confusion as all unorthodox pairings do.

In conclusion, brown is a suitable color for all men. It should be worn with care to make sure the shade neither blends nor has a low contrast with one's skin tone. One should also take care to wear a shade that accents their skin tone. The right combinations of shirt, tie and suit make this color wearable.

Tune in for part two in Accenting your skin tone.....
Picture attributed to The Sartorialist at thesartorialist.blogspot.com


zquilts said...

If only more men would read this! Great article - though the same really is true for women as well - news anchors are great fodder for what does and does not look good!

Pen rolls DO come in orange - since it is a favored color of mine!

BTW: Thank you for dropping by my blog !

zquilts said...

YES! I do sell the pen rolls as a matter of fact.I use vintage kimono silk for the outside and either Dupioni or Burmese silk for the lining. The pen holder area is generally lined with fleece or wool felt. I generally try to use the full 14" width of the kimono silk so an average roll holds 6 pens, a large roll can manage as many as 20. I use some sort of braiding for closure ties. The prices run from $35. for the 6 pen size to $55. for the large one, plus shipping (generally $4.80). I will have to talk to my cohort & find some luscious oranges & MELLOW yellows - oh! won't I be sad to do that! Let me know your thoughts - and check out http://fountainpennetwork.com of you have not already tried them! It would be helpful if you allowed your email address ..I had to find you this way again to reply