Friday, March 6, 2009

A Bow-tie

Bow ties are a dying article of clothing. It is completely surprising because it is much more comfortable than a straight tie. Also because of their unorthodox appearance, now days anyway, you can have much more fun. Go crazy with the patterns! If your going to wear one you might as well go in on the deep end. Besides, you will eventually have to learn how to tie one for formal occasions.

Here are some examples of patterns I wear:

  • A nice neat geometric purple tie from R. Hanauer.

  • An orange spotted tie from BeauTies Ltd. This is a look I'd wear in summer with a light blue striped shirt, a blue blazer, & some khakis or a light color.

  • Lastly this tie is a madras orange yellow and red tie from the Bow Tie Club. Something I plan on wearing with a blue or pink shirt this Spring and Summer in Atlanta.

Well to get you started you probably need to learn how to tie one. If you know how to tie your own shoes, it is the exact same not. For a video check out

Here is an example of it all pulled together:

Photos taken from the websites of their respective makers and the last photo is from forum. Attribution lies with said parties.


mr.goldfink said...

Nice Blog!!

Yes, I have a few Pelikans including the 18kt nibbed green striped Pelikan 140 from the mid 1950s.
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