Thursday, March 19, 2009

What I'm Wearing Today

Jacket: A common American style blazer, single breasted with patch pockets and brass buttons. It is a hand me down from my God father's best friend. Price = $0
Shirt: White button down shirt made from a light fabric, I think it's poplin. Polo from some North GA outlet(Tanger Mall maybe). Price = $5 on clearance rack with a missing button.

Pants: Linen pants in a very light colored khaki, almost cream color. It was thrifted as part of a suit. The jacket has a messed up shoulder so, it is no longer being worn.

Tie: I Zingari Football Club tie. The colors are gold, black, and red; the colors of my country minus white. It is made for Dege & Skinner, the famous Savile Row military tailors, not sure by who. I bought it from an AskAndy club member. Price = $9.

Pocket Square: 100% silk, hand rolled, 4 color(red, purple, maroon, and pink) and is made for Paul Stuart by ????. I received a College Discount from my alterations tailors, Hong Kong Tailors. Price = $28.

Socks: 50% silk and 50%Cotton from George at Walmart. They are khaki and stone grey. They came in a 3 pack of different designs for 22 with taxes. Price = $7.34

Shoes: Allen Edmonds Soho model in some Euro-coffee color like cappuccino. They are oxfords and get plenty of wear during my days at University. All leather and hand made goodness for a steal thanks to an ebay seller. Price= $196

Total Price: So, for a grand total of $245.34 I have the spring/summer look that I mentioned on the 17th. Not bad if you ask me. The cost needs to be adjusted down because I can wear the shoes with so much more. Also, the blazer buttons were changed from a blue enamel to a brass design so, the price should be adjusted upwards by $8. Overall not bad.

*Pardon the chaotic pictures and layout. I will make an effort to show everything together on me; I will censor my face though.