Thursday, March 19, 2009

The 3 Most Versatile Ties I Own.

My three most versatile ties. Save the red one, they can be worn with everything I own. The entire rainbow and hues in between can be worn with the blue Churchill dot ties. Only a few colors don't work with the red spotted tie. For example, yellow and purple are horrible with it.

How to pull it off:
  • Get dressed except for your tie.
  • Throw on one of the Churchill patterned ties.
  • Get in front of a mirror and make sure the combination of shirt, tie, and jacket harmonize.
  • Check to see that you don't clash with your skin tone.
  • Finally, smile, this is the easiest type of tie to wear.
Where to get them from:
  • Ebay
  • R. Hanauer makes them in a variety of colors by hand in the US.
  • Drakes of London: Drakes of London is an English tie and pocket square maker; they specialize in formal patterns like this one. Everything is handmade in England from some of the best silks.
  • Thrift shops or Second hand stores: This pattern in those two colors is one of the easiest patterns to find, thanks to Winston Churchill.
  • $0=<>
  1. Ebay under $25 but typically $3 - $5.
  2. between $45 - $65
  3. Drakes of London $120 + shipping from London.
  4. Thrift/ Second Hand stores between $0.25 - $5.
My ties (starting from the left):
  1. Navy Churchill patterned Chaps tie: $6 Burlington Coat Factory
  2. Navy Churchill patterned R. Hanauer bowtie: $50 made to order by R. Hanauer all it took was a 5 minute call.
  3. Red Churchill patterned Vintage ??? tie: $7 purchased in a lot of 6 bowties on ebay for $42 shipped.
*Note: I love charts, bullet points, graphs, and all sorts of mathematical visuals. I plan on including them as much as possible.