Friday, May 15, 2009

Summer is Spectator Shoes Time

Summer time and spectator shoes go hand in hand. The contrast of the dark and light colored material make a great combination in the bright sun. For dandies, spectator shoes fit a very nice area on the sartorial continuum, right between dandy and formal. Bonus points must be given for the comfort factor, come on, who can turn down a pair with perforated suede on the sides. The perforations increase the air-flow in the show giving the wearer especially cool feet.

2 years ago Bottega Venetta made a pair that were superb. A friend of mine had them and I was always trying to get him to pass them on to me.

***Side story ignore if you don't want a story***Well, one day we go clubbing and end up in a bar, as usual. So, this older gentleman in an ascot notices us and keeps moving closer. Now, we didn't realize it until he was two bar stools away from us. At this point my friend says something to me about it and I just shrug it off. Then the gentleman gets up and says, "Young man those are some mighty fine shoes your wearing. Are those the new Bottega Venetta blah blah blah."
As he is talking my friend turns to me and mouths, "why is he still looking down." Then he proceeds to boldly hit on my friend in front of everyone including the women we where flirting with a few stools away from us. My friend immediately jumps out of his stool and with lightning like speed removes his shoes, sock-less mind you. Then he calmly says, "you wanted them there yours; but you have to take the gay old guy too." I couldn't stop laughing at how ridiculous he was behaving but, when I came around I came to my senses and checked to see that our friend wasn't offended. He wasn't and was laughing much louder and harder than I was. To conclude, I finally got the shoes.

Back to the topic at hand; most will find the black and white spectators too similar to the golf designs. At least, I do. So, stay away from them and go for a brown and white, a tan and black, or any other combination you can find. Now days they even make them ready-to-wear in monochromatic colors, for example, a brown leather and brown suede, half brogue. Here are some examples:

Personally I like mine in a loafer or slip-on model in a cream and light brown. Why? Well, with chinos, a polo shirt, and a sport coat on it looks dashing. To finish off my look, I opt for bright obnoxious socks. Orange hosiery anyone? For an example of how to pull this off check out this Apparel Arts scan:

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Alan said...

Great story about the shoes!! I'll remember that one for a long time.