Saturday, May 16, 2009

Humor Transcends Language!

When I was a very young immigrant, I discovered that humor crosses all barriers. Especially language. I immediately noticed my uncle, who has been in the States since the '80s, sounded a little different. Then there was his wife, who sounds like a female version of Foghorn Leghorn, the cartoon rooster with a southern accent; she was hilariously strange sounding. Eventually I discovered more funny things that I'll mention as I continue to blog. Well this brings me to the whole point of this post. As a four year old in a new country, PBS was the best channel in the world and so was GPTV, Georgia Public TV. The characters talked proper English and slowly, shows all about this new place, and lastly British Comedies.

British comedies are my favorites. They have been since before the States. Readers of the Eccentric's blog, I recommend you start watching them now! Unfamiliar, let me give you a few of my faves to start you off:
  • Blackadder; 4 series, English for seasons, about an aristocrat who finds himself in historical situations that involve getting over on his betters. It stars Rowan Atkinson, famous for his portrayal of Mr. Bean also guesting on 2 series is Hugh Laurie, famous in America for House, MD.
  • Are You Being Served; 4 series, I think. It is about a few store clerks that mix business with their personal lives. Their boss is a Hugh Hefner type with a dicky heart.
  • Jeeves and Wooster: 4 series about an aristocrat and his extremely crafty valet, Jeeves. Excellent 1920s wardrobe and props, filmed in several estates. Based on a P.G. Wodehouse book and stars Hugh Laurie, Dr. House again, and Stephen Fry.
  • Yes, Minister/Yes, Prime Minister: 5 series, 3 Yes, Minister & 2 Yes, Prime Minister. It star Paul Eddinton as a Minister with some very entertaining staff members. His 2 secretaries, the supporting cast, play off of him to great results. It is a political comedy and still rings satirically true today as it did in the '80s. Watchers of John Stewart and Stephen Colbert Shows will love it.
So, rent these, borrow them, or purchase them. To sample, search on you tube; Black Adder is really easy to find given its immense popularity.