Monday, June 1, 2009

The Return of Eccentricity and Silver Elephants

I have been absent from the blogosphere for a sad yet, happy occasion. My father passed away on May 16th at 6:33 am. I am still grieving and trying to work out the whole estate process. As the first born son, it is my duty to handle most of the process according to tribal tradition. I am perplexed by the amount of paper work that is required in this, my adopted nation.

Okay, enough of that let us move on to a much happier topic; cufflinks. My favorite classic men's accessory. I recently, okay today, I won an ebay auction for a pair of 3d elephant links from sterling silver. I love animal cufflinks because they are formal yet, informal. Plus, the symbolism. As an African I can tell you that all things carry symbolism when in the form of personal items. Animals, an African favorite, are typically present in our art and decor. In regards to my tribe elephants symbolize manliness, strength, memory, remembrance, protection, military might, strategy, and order. In my tribe, heads and tails carry different meanings. The elephant in its entirety is all those things; considering the components the head stands for memory, remembrance, protection, strategy and order; the tail or posterior symbolizes strength, steadfastness, order in troubling times, and support.

These links feature a separated head and posterior. It has heads on one side of the links and tails on the other. They are connected by a chain; a symbol of joining, restraint, and responsibility.

All these things were told to me in stories by my father; just like his father taught him, and so on. So, I will wear these in appreciation of the oral tradition of my people and in remembrance of my father. After all, an elephant never forgets...