Monday, June 1, 2009

Rhodia Pad Holders 3x4 Review

I have a need, okay more of a compulsion, to carry a 3 by 4 pad with me at all times. It is invaluable at work and helps me capture ideas, lists, to do items, and other GTD captures as the day progresses. After destroying a few of them I decided it would be great if I had some sort of holder for them. Well, Rhodia preempted me.

I bit the bullet and purchased the black. Secretly I wanted the orange. Who am I kidding? The orange was my preference. The choice was taken out of my hands because I couldn't find a single dealer who had them in stock in that particular color. So after 3 weeks with one I think it is time to give it a review.

  • Looks: Well the leatherette is okay but real leather is always nicer.
  • Portability: Extremely portable. Can fit in my shirt pockets, pants pockets, jacket pockets, and breast pocket even with 2 pads in it.
  • Usefulness: Extremely. It adds 2 pockets to my small pads and offers me a place to store torn out pages. The protection it offers my pads is great.
  • Durability: Well, I'm not sure which would be more durable between leather and its imitation counterpart but I'm certainly sure this is pretty good. It definitely took a beating from my nephews, being stomped on, and falling out of a moving car pretty well. I'm going with Decent.
  • Price: +- $10.00 online it includes a 3x4 pad.
Overall: I say the pad holder is a great purchase for individuals who need an extra pocket with their palm sized pads and need a little protection, too. Would I purchase another one? Yes in orange. I'll keep the black for business and the orange for pleasure.

I used the pad it came with to plan my father's funeral and memorial service. I keep everything in the pad holder, cards, ideas, my pad for captures, and even cash. It was invaluable and I don't know how I would have kept up if I wasn't writing everything down. It also was useful for shielding my pad while writing in the rain.

Keep your eyes open for more updates and reviews. I'll probably go on a posting run of a few at a time in the next week. During my formal mourning period I constantly was finding ideas for posts. I found it a little disturbing considering my circumstances; maybe this is one way for me to heal. Blogging through the pain. Maybe writing is another thing I inherited from my father.