Thursday, June 4, 2009

How to Make the Blazer Yours!

Blazers are the most common odd jacket worn or seen around town. Do you want to look the same as everyone else? If your answer is no keep reading.

As a member of the sartorial brotherhood you should be made aware of the options you have to solve this problem. Some are simple and others require more time, work, or effort. Here is a picture essay on a few options

Regular Buttons

With Side Vents and Club Colors

Obnoxiously bright Colored Cloth

On a boat with self colored buttons

Accessorize with a Skimmer and a bow tie

Taping for the Club look

Wear it with University Stripes or get it in a different colored cloth

Bright Club Colors

Larger Buttons


So, do you still want to wear the blazer you've had for a while. Okay get out there and have some fun. A word of advice; don't use club patches, colored jackets, or any special insignia unless you are affiliated legitimately. It could lead to a terrible offense that could have been easily avoided.

The blazer can be made in several options and we should get creative and customize blazers so, that we will not all be wearing the same blazer.

Photo Credit: This one's all over the place. I also can't remember so, if they are yours and you want them pulled down contact me at orange gentleman at gmail dot com.