Friday, October 23, 2009

The Atlanta College Boy Look in Fall

In Fall, Atlanta boys still in university dress something like this:
  • Medium Weight Cardigan
  • Spread Collar Shirt, light blue is the favorite
  • Alternatively you could go for a polo or rugby shirt worn without a tie
  • Chinos, light colors are favored un-ironed too hungover to wake up in time to do so
  • Wool Knit Tie, red, blue, green tones are favored
  • One could also wear a paisley bow tie
  • The dandies finish up with colored socks, blue seems to be the standard
  • Loafers of any variety finish off the look, this is where you see whom is rich or not, the rich boys wear Gucci bit loafers and the rest of us wear penny loafers in various forms.

Here is my take on this. In case you are wondering, I'm wearing a Sekonda 2209 caliber movement watch on a NATO strap.

These knit ties arch so beautifully.


Alan said...

Love the shoe and sock combo. You have some dandy in you! The watch strap w/ the dress watch is a nice touch too. Keep it up.