Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall & Winter Socks

Fall and Winter brings inclement weather and harsh winds. Atlanta may never reach freezing, but for a few days, still the wind is bone chilling. Little things like layering lightly and heavier socks help one retain sensation and maintain body temperature.

Wool socks are always a go to item during these colder months. Wool blends, cashmere, and even knitted silk all have their benefits and should also be considered. That is enough talk of materials let us move to pattern.

Typically you'll see herringbones, my favorite pattern, and argyles. This is made more obvious in this Esquire photo. I say consider ribbed hose like the navy one for more formal settings; the surface interest keeps it interesting while avoiding informality. Also consider diagonal ribbing and vertical striping for the same purposes. Vertical striping can also be used in dandy situations if you chose a wide scale, interesting color, or multiple colors. For casual situations try a tartan, or large scaled herringbone.

What do I like to wear in winter. I wear alot of vertical striped, and herringbones in distinctive colors and scales. Before they ripped, I had a curry colored, herringbone, ribbed pair of socks. Under a pair of dark, or British, khakis they blended in. Up close and personal you could see the darker ribbing in between the whales. This is how you dandify sock wearing in Fall/Winter. The bright colors work as well but are hard to find in wool.