Monday, March 1, 2010

Wallets: Self-Present 1

Today Is my 24th Birthday; I'm halfway to 30.

Traditionally I don't really care to celebrate my birthday. There is really only one thing I do every year, I buy myself presents. I don't really care to party but I always get dragged in to something. This year was different, we had an intimate dinner with a few close friends. Last year it snowed and Atlanta shut down. So, I got to leave work early only to be dragged to a club -fest that ended in a house party at my ex's house. I got home at 6 am and had to be at work at 11. My how the times have changed.

My first set of self-presents, that's what I call them don't judge me, appropriately arrived Today.

I'm a Gilt Groupe Member and bought these slim wallets on Friday. Typically, Gilt takes forever to ship. This time was different; 3 days later they arrive.

Check them out!

Canvas outside with brown leather piping.
Suede Interior
Inner Compartment for coins and receipts
See the contrasting textures... Yummy right!

Overall this is the sort of wallet you could find made in an African open air market. The canvas, a popular fabric, is readily available and would be considered stylish. The contrasting textures are just bonus. Extra points because the 3 materials paired together shout.

Medium brown crushed leather
Inner compartment
More brown crushed leather

This last wallet is probably going to be my new daily user. It is time I put up my dad's card case.

Hopefully I can soon fill these wallets up with some real money from a new source of employment. Here is to wishing!