Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Herd of Wallets

Recently, I've been on a wallet buying binge. I guess you can call me my father's son. He used to buy wallet after wallet. He would buy a new one when the old one was stuffed full of business cards or the leather was worn out. Instead of throwing them out he kept them. I'm the same way in many respects except I buy a new one or switch when I feel the wallet has been filled up too much. Depending on what I wear, I also will change wallets.

I've got about 10 wallets: 1 bifold, numerous slim leather wallets, 1 exotic tall billfold; can hold taller non-US currency, and 1 alligator stamped leather breast pocket wallet.

So, here are the recent additions to the herd:

This one is a slim card case made from natural colored leather. Purchased on Etsy.

This last one is stingray dyed red. It is a tall billfold that can holds non-US currency.