Saturday, April 10, 2010


1 free ringtone/ business card was given out as part of the swag bag after the event.

For those of you keeping up with my career search know this; after 9 months of chasing AT&T, I'll know by Wednesday. I think I have it. I was able to build rapport with one of the executives because he was, back 10 years ago, in the same industry as me. He also was concerned with his future and is a go-getter like me. Through out the many starts and stops I showed persistence, professionalism, and experience in working in a professional atmosphere. I was able to convey my skills and honest about my experience and background. Talking to some of the candidates, many did not have but a few work experiences to draw from for the behavioral interviews. Mind you there were at least 2 prerequisites ones and 2 shotgun ones in the interview day event. This I think puts me ahead of pack.

I didn't ask many questions during the interview day event because I kept getting overlooked. I didn't have many questions but I also wanted to take the time to form my thoughts properly. When I don't sleep very much I know I say some really blunt statements. It is like my mind says things without choosing proper wording. In other words, I mean the same thing just the connotation of words I choose come out wrongly. For instance, I called someone pitiful when I meant to say that I'm saddened by the fact that they aren't competitive in any sense. I was 2 minutes late because I got lost traversing the AT&T Mobility campus. They didn't seem to mind considering others were 30- 1 hour late. After all this is Atlanta and traffic and road conditions leave much to be desired. Other than that, I think I'm a strong candidate.