Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Colorful Socks Make Happy Feet!

Colorful socks are just plain fun! They need not be expensive or unattainable. Happy Socks is a company that makes socks for those with little heft in their wallet.

These socks are just beautiful. They come in all manner of patterns and are available in plain colors as well. Don't expect staid socks though; they specialize in the bright and colorful. I have a few of them on order. They come recommended from a dandy acquaintance of mine. He says, "They are no Marcoliani but they are great socks and offer value." You can purchase any of their socks for $10 a piece with $4 shipping. Orders of 4 or more are shipped for free.

Still interested, take a look at some of their range:

Photo Credit: Photos attributed to Happy Socks, AB at


Alan said...

Holy moly, nice looking socks! Great price and I like that they are available in separate sizes. Marcoliani and Nagrani should take note. I'll keep this place in mind for my next sock purchase.

The Eccentric Orange Gentleman said...


Much agreed. The patterns caught my eye and then value proposition sold me. I plan on reviewing them as soon as I receive my package.